How to learn to not be a piece of shit

Step 1: Introspect, introspect, introspect. Learn to actually think about being in other people’s shoes. No, really – think hard about it as if you were in that exact situation. Don’t just ponder it for a second. Think about how your actions and your words affect other people.

Step 2: Stop acting like the world revolves around you. It doesn’t. You are a minuscule piece of matter and nothing more. Grow up and think about how you can make your existence worth while. Not that “save the world” shit either. Whether it’s talking to family or friends, don’t get caught up talking about yourself and sulk about your own problems. Ask questions and dig deeper. Learn things you don’t like learning about people. Basically, try to act like a therapist for 50% of the conversation.

Step 3: Ask yourself how you can be a better person in any way, in every situation you encounter. For example, if you left someone out in a group conversation unintentionally and you felt a bit guilty about it, address it so you don’t make the same mistake again. Learn to actually think about people. Don’t get caught up in a clique mentality where you only want to hang around people that get along already. Bring people in and make others feel like they belong because there’s not other feeling that compares than the feeling of inclusion. I’m not saying make new bffs wherever you go. Instead, when you’re at settings like work where you really have to learn to get along, try your best to encourage inclusion. Make others feel warm the same way you would want to feel when around new people.

Step 4: Combine all these parts and be satisfied with the fact that you’re trying your very best. Make mistakes but don’t think you can use that as an excuse repeatedly. Work on yourself like it’s your goddamn job. Because, unless your goal in life is to be the most mediocre piece of shit, it’s fucking worth it.